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Домашнее задание для 5А и 5Б для дистанционного обучения (05.12) Мананкова М.Г


Fill in the correct possessive pronouns.

1. This book belongs to me. This is ______book.2. The man put______ hand into pocket.3. The cat ate______ food.4. She took out______ purse and gave it to me.5. My husband never wears______ glasses.6. This is their car. That other car is______ too.7. May I introduce to you one of______ colleagues?8. There were a lot of people coming back from ______work.9. Every season is beautiful in ______own way.10. They would like a house of______ own.11. I’ll try______ best, I promise.12. Each country has______ own customs.13. He cut______ finger this evening.14. Lend me______ pen, I’ve lost ______.15. They’re going to London with some students of ______.16. This is not my pencil, ______is red.17. I haven’t got a pen. Can you give me ______?18. Take off______ coat, please.19. I saw them. This is______ car.20. Ann is married.______ husband works in a bank.


Fill in my, your, his, her, our.

Dear Sally,

Thank you for ______(1) letter. I’m fine and I hope that you and ______(2) parents are fine too. In your letter you ask me who helps me with ______(3) homework. I’ve got a brother, but he never helps me with ______(4) homework. My friend Joan has got a brother too and he always helps her with ______(5) homework, but then she helps him with cleaning ______(6) room. We do a lot of homework because ______(7) Maths teacher and ______(Cool English teacher are very strict. ______(9) parents think it is okay to have a lot of homework. They always say, ‘ ______(10) teachers were strict too, and so we learned a lot.’ Well, so what can I do? Joan’s parents say that she needs some free time so that she can play or meet ______(11) friends. Thank you for ______(12) photo. I think you look so sweet.

Bye. I hope to hear from you soon.